Didrole's Update Tool

Description : Didrole's Update Tool is an open-source-ish tool aimed to be a SteamCMD alternative, being as simple to use as hldsupdatetool
Its main differences from SteamCMD are :
- It's commandline only, not an interactive shell (It's IMO easier to use).
- You can use it while Steam is running on the same machine (No more "[----] !!! Fatal Error: Steam failed to load: *SteamStartEngine(0x000000) failed with error 1: A Steam Engine Instance already exists").
- You don't have to change your system settings to use it (SteamCMD requires "Automatically detect settings" from LAN settings to be enabled).
- You don't have to use a registry trick to be able to use you games after updating them (ie: reg delete HKCU\Software\Valve\Steam\ActiveProcess /f).
- You can use the same account on Steam while updating your server without being disconnected (Not if it's the first time you use your account with the tool though).
- There is a remember password option, so you don't have to worry about your password being in the commandline.
- You can get a list of available games to install and their installation status.

    ./UpdateTool.sh -command <command> [parameters] [flags]
Or: ./UpdateTool.sh +runscript <steamcmd_script_file>

   update: Install or update a game
   uninstall: Remove a game
   list: View available games and their status

   -game <appid>		-   Game AppID to install / update / uninstall
      (use '-command list' to see available games)
   -dir <installdir>		-   Game install dir
      (if dir not specified, will use ~/Steam/steamapps/common/<gamename>/)
   -username <username>		-   Steam account username
   -password <password>		-   Steam account password
   -steam_guard_code		-   Steam guard authorization code
   -beta <beta_name>		-   Beta name to use
   -beta_password <password>	-   Beta password (if any)

   -verify_all			-   Verify all game files are up to date
   -remember_password		-   Remember password

For example: ./UpdateTool.sh -command update -game 740 -dir /csgo -username foo -password bar
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