List of all my dumb projects
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Serverside Anti-Cheat for the Source Engine.

wxSteam Open Source

An Open Source SteamUI replacement.

Steam Item Manager

Manage your TeamFortress 2 items outside the game.

Server Reputation Open Source

A server plugin for orangebox's games that displays your server score when requested.

FindSteamServers Open Source

Retrieve Valve's masterservers ip and port easily.

Tickrate Enabler Open Source

Reactivate the -tickrate commandline switch on CSS / DODS / TF2.


Tool that converts replay files into demo files.

Overlay Notification Manager Open Source

Customize the steam notifications' position on a per game basis easily.


Replace the console of the source dedicated server with a more powerful one.

Didrole's Update Tool Open Source-ish

An open-source-ish alternative to SteamCMD.

Chat Logger++ Open Source

A small utility which logs Steam conversations into files.



A bot that automatically reverses Steam's interfaces.


Open Steamworks

This project provides a various set of headers that allows to use the steamworks and internal steam features in your app.
I'm not the owner of that project, but one of its developers.

Obsolete and dead

DmIRC Broken / Dead

A relay between orangebox's games and mIRC.

DRecorder Broken / Dead

A clientside plugin for Day of Defeat : Source that makes records automatically.

MapZ Aborted

An external minimap viewer for WarZ that allowed you to manage your characters easily.

SteamEmailFinder Broken / Dead Open Source

See the email associated with your steam account (it bypasses steamguard).

SuperUploader Stopped

The first French multiuploading service.
Stopped due to legal issues.